It’s a Woman’s World: Meet KBC’s New Crorepatis – A Teacher, IPS Officer, Communications Manager

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It’s a Woman’s World: Meet KBC’s New Crorepatis – A Teacher, IPS Officer, Communications Manager

Illustration: Shruti Yatam

In three weeks, Kaun Banega Crorepati 12 has found its third crorepati and all the winners have something in common: They are all women. After Nazia Nasim, a communications manager from Delhi, and Mohita Sharma, an IPS officer, it is a teacher from Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh, Anupa Das, who has bagged ₹1 crore.

Anupa Das, who made it to the “hot seat” on Tuesday’s episode, told Amitabh Bachchcan that it took her 20 years to come on the show. After winning ₹1 crore, Big B complimented her saying, “Ye koi saadharan khel nahi tha aapka, adbhut khel tha ye.” The 42-year-old told Amitabh that she never imagined that she would win ₹1 crore.

During the show, Das opened up about her mother suffering from gallbladder cancer. In an extremely emotional and powerful moment, she also mentioned the help she received from strangers for her mother. Now she wants to spend all her winnings on her mother’s treatment. After the victory, Bachchan contacted Das’ mother through a video call.

Das quit at the ₹7-crore question: In One Day International cricket, which team have Riaz Poonawala and Shaukat Dukanwala represented? The answer to the question was the United Arab Emirates. When asked to guess the answer if she had attempted it, she got it right! Das later admitted that she panicked a little. “The question was based on sports, and since it’s not my strength, I did panic a little. One wrong answer would have taken away a huge sum, which we, as a family, need right now. Thus I decided to let it go,” she said.

Anupa Das’ victory was cheered on and celebrated by social media. The fact that all three winners so far had been women wasn’t lost on viewers.

Before Das, it was Mohita Sharma who won a crore. A 2017 batch IPS officer, she is currently posted in Jammu Kashmir, loves cooking, and is quite a traveller. Bachchan, in fact, has become a fan and now follows Sharma on Instagram.

The first crorepati of the season Nazia Nasim said after her win that she’d be happy if any other woman had one. “I’m a big propagator of women’s rights and feel happy when women thrive,” she told The Indian Express.

Nazim has more than one reason to smile now.

Maybe it is time to rename the show to Kaun Banega Crorepatni?