“Main Shah Rukh Khan Banna Chahta Hoon”: John Cena

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“Main Shah Rukh Khan Banna Chahta Hoon”: John Cena

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza


hen I was a wee one, I remember my parents buying tickets to the single-screen theatre to see the latest Bollywood movies when I got home from school. Of course, being the whiny single child, I’d bitch and moan about how the evening show always clashed with my after-school TV time, dedicated exclusively to WWE. Back then, my sense of irony wasn’t developed enough to realise that pro-wrestling’s hysterical melodrama, over-the-top characters, and outlandish storylines were just as Bollywood as an ’80s movie starring Mithun Chakraborty.

Today, when I am no longer required to change out of my house clothes because Shah Rukh Khan released a new film, I am able to see the overlaps between wrestling and mainstream Hindi cinema. Which is why I think the next Bollywood superstar will stem, not from the loins of another star, but from the world of WWE. And it will be John Cena, a WWE superstar waiting for his “phata poster, nikla hero” moment. You read it here first.