I’m in a Complicated Relationship with “It Shows”

Pop Culture

I’m in a Complicated Relationship with “It Shows”

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza


ast evening, as I sat laughing deliriously at the sight of Michael Scott testing the patience of Dundler Mifflin employees for the nth time, I found myself afflicted by a peculiar surge of guilt-induced FOMO. Its arrival came almost unsuspectingly — similar to the time Michael Scott tried sneaking in a resignation on Halloween — set off by a tweet praising Netflix’s latest arrival Queer Eye, that sat high up on my timeline.

Reluctant, but curious, I put a pause on The Office binge and immediately fired up Google, determined to glean as much trivia as I could about this new show that I had heard about for the first time that day. Within minutes of trawling the internet, it dawned on me that Queer Eye had a unanimous “must-watch” rating from both critics and pop-culture devotees. It took me all of 20 minutes for me to modify Queer Eye’s reputation to the most dissected and critically acclaimed show. Suddenly, everyone around me, heralded the show that featured a team of gay men “dispensing advice on fashion, food, and wine to their straight counterparts” as “an antidote to toxic masculinity” that the world really needed.