It’s Now Legit to Hate Coldplay

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It’s Now Legit to Hate Coldplay

Illustration: Saachi Mehta/ Arré


t’s confirmed that Coldplay are performing in Mumbai and I’ve begun to feel a tad bad for the poor blokes who forked out gazillions to travel across England and parts of Europe this summer to watch them play. Chris Martin, in all fairness, should have tweeted @Indians, “Yo, hold your horses, I’m coming over”, so that the fans could have reserved the pleasure of watching their favourite band right here, even if the experience will be no different than boarding a local from Mumbai’s Dadar station during peak hours.

I must say, the Coldplay fan is looking like a pukka idiot. But then he has been looking like an idiot for a while now – ever since the tide turned and the hipster community decided it’s become absolutely essential to hate Coldplay.