How to Spot a Serial Faker, the Dude Who Lies About Watching GoT

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How to Spot a Serial Faker, the Dude Who Lies About Watching GoT

Illustration: Akshita Monga


eople can be terrible in a dazzling variety of ways. They could rob you, cheat on you, or tell all your friends that you’re secretly harbouring an STD, but some of the worst types of people are the ones who blatantly lie to about watching all the popular TV shows and web series to force themselves into water-cooler conversations at work.

Following Altered Carbon, Rick and Morty, or any other series as if your life depends on it, requires a rare commitment. It takes up hours, days, and weeks of your eating, waking, and dating hours. At one end of the spectrum, is the committed binge watcher, and at the other end is his nemesis, the serial faker, who puts in none of this effort, but wants to be part of the woke clique. The serial fakers are the ones who rely on Buzzfeed listicles and AV Club recaps and quote dialogues from classic shows and movies without ever having seen them. It’s almost as bad as the people who wear spectacles to “complete their look”. These people will deceive you into believing that they share your love for a piece of legendary fiction only to ditch you at your Game of Thrones premiere party and leave you eating three boxes of pizza by yourself.