Hichki and Bollywood’s New-Found Sensitivity

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Hichki and Bollywood’s New-Found Sensitivity

Illustration: Akshita Monga


ichki will mark Rani Mukherjee’s return to screen after a gap of four years. As seen from Hichki’s trailer, the actress plays Naina Mathur, who is keen to pursue her dreams of becoming a school teacher despite suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. The neurological disorder ensures that Naina’s speech is punctuated by regular involuntary hiccup-like sounds, giving her a speech impediment. Much of the film rests on how she overcomes obstacles and ill-mannered students to realise her dream.

Hichki just might be what Bollywood needs; a renewed vigour in portraying impediments on screen with sensitivity, instead of exploiting it for punchlines. It’s a trend that began this year with Jagga Jasoos.