What Do We Do With Shraddha Kapoor?

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What Do We Do With Shraddha Kapoor?

Illustration: Palak Bansal


n May this year, Shraddha Kapoor, dropped the greatest line Bollywood and its besotted audience ever had the good fortune of experiencing. As Riya Somani, the braided shaturmurg taking on Arjun Kapoor’s sorry ass on half- court, our homegirl hit several slam dunks. But her most sensational bequest at the altar of acting came right before the interval in Half Girlfriend. “Main tumhari girlfriend nahi hoon, par um… I can be your half girlfriend,” she tells an action-deprived Arjun Kapoor. Like an exceptionally non-talented (yet professional) star sperm, her face wore only a half-expression of insouciance (almost mirroring the audience’s reaction at seeing her onscreen) while uttering the line that I vehemently believed would be the pinnacle of her non-career. There was no way Shraddha Kapoor could possibly dig her own grave any deeper. After all, it takes a special kind of talent to make human cardboard aka Arjun Kapoor not look like the worst part of a film.

But after surviving the cinematic assault called Haseena Parkar, where the actress plays the eponymous Haseena, that lasts 124 minutes, I was proved wrong. As it turns out, Shraddha Kapoor’s attempt at “acting” can get more nonsensical than her outing as porcelain doll magnetically attracted to rains in Half Girlfriend.