The Grammy Awards: When You Know You’re Officially Old

Pop Culture

The Grammy Awards: When You Know You’re Officially Old

Illustration: Palak Bansal


ntil the age of 20, being “with it” seems to be a natural state for most of us. It seems absurd how the square adults can be so clued out of what’s at the cutting edge of pop-culture. The cool kids would all scoff at the Grammy nominations when they came out, because by the time they’ve come around, they’re too mainstream, bro. The kids had cottoned on way back. But suddenly, there comes a time when the Grammy awards stop being a source of ridicule and turn into a reminder of how you’ve fallen by the wayside while trying to dodge obsoleteness.

This year, there was some hope for the clueless watchers searching for a shred of relevance. The nominations of artists like Jay Z and Coldplay were a reminder of the times we actually kept up to date, and at least we had all heard “Despacito”. But when the dust settles, we were left asking questions like “Who the hell is Alessia Cara?” and “Isn’t Bruno Mars the ‘Uptown Funk’ dude?”