Who Won the Game of Thrones?

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Who Won the Game of Thrones?

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


imes are changing in Westeros. Fast. The end of Season 6 spelled doom for Cersei and anyone else who dared stand in Daenerys’ way (shout out to Targaryen Jon) to her contentious claim to the Iron Throne. Three episodes in, Season 7 is going in classic Game of Thrones fashion – taking time to build expectations for the righteous but quickly setting them on fire.

Dragons are not invincible, Tyrion isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, and Cersei is far from the doormat Dany thought she would step over to win the game. The latest episode, “The Queen’s Justice”, saw Cersei give up her ancestral home of Casterly Rock for Lady Olenna’s Highgarden, which will now fuel the Lannister side of the war with its large gold chests and grain deposits. While Olenna joined the Dornish (slow RIP to Tyene) on the deathbed, Dany lost her Westerosi allies, her confidence, and – as the preview for Episode 4 shows – her patience. Drogon is on his way, but before we venture further, it’s time to decide who won this week’s battle in the war that is Game of Thrones. First, the contenders: