Five Reasons We’re Looking Forward to the Final Season of 13 Reasons Why!

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Five Reasons We’re Looking Forward to the Final Season of 13 Reasons Why!

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been difficult to remember what day it is, or what we should do with all this free time on our hands. Every Dalgona coffee, fitness challenge, and multiple DIY videos later, Netflix has now come to our rescue. Based on the book of the same name, 13 Reasons Why is finally here to treat us to one last look into the twisted lives filled with secrets and drama of Liberty High students.

The news was broken to the audience with an emotional video of the cast, captioned “June 5th. The final season.” The video, a montage of nostalgic moments both on and off-screen, hints at the final days the cast spent together, from table-readings to shoots. Fans brace themselves to bid the show a last goodbye.

But we have close to four weeks to prepare ourselves for the final journey and many reasons why we are looking forward to the storm that awaits us.

1. Will Winston Find Bryce’s Murderer?

Now with the infamous Bryce dead, and Monty who was falsely accused of his death, also murdered last season, we can’t wait to see how Winston will bring his deceased friend Monty justice.



But what currently has us on edge is whether Winston’s determination to unravel the truth led him to Alex, who in fact did murder Bryce. Or will he learn more than what he bargained for in his resolution to seek the truth – remember when Monty assaulted Tyler? No, dear friend Winston still continues to live in the dark.

2. And What About The Damn Guns?

After Clay and Tony talk Tyler out of his initial plans to mass shoot at the high school, Tony ends up dumping the guns in the river, which unfortunately turned out to be the same river being searched for Bryce’s body. Now with a fishing boat having discovered the massive pile of guns, Clay could be pinned as the potential culprit, an instance which could lead the Police Department to Tyler’s plan and maybe even Alex’s truth.

3. Deputy Standall v/s Alex’s Father

However, Deputy Standall, Alex’s dad, is already aware of his son’s wrongdoings. After burning Alex’s clothes from the night of Bryce’s murder, which would’ve inevitably trailed back to the murderer, much is left to be seen on how much longer can a father’s will to protect his son overshadow the fight for justice in this last chapter.



4. The Jocks Must Perish!

Since we are on revelations, what about the high school clubhouse which was revealed to be used by the athletes to sexually assault girls and worse, record them?



Will Nina, a rape victim herself who ended up burning the evidence after stealing the pictures to protect her identity, finally make a comeback this season? Will the heinous acts committed by Bryce and his fellow high school jocks see them finally be charged for the crime? Nina wasn’t seen in season three and we wonder how the plotline could possibly go on from here.

5. Liberty High Sees A New Face

And while much of Season 4 has us waiting in anticipation to see how the characters redeem themselves, Gary Sinise of Forrest Gump and Apollo 13 is an addition to the cast we could’ve never imagined. Set to feature as Dr Robert Ellman, the story surrounding his character is yet to be revealed.

Can June 5 hurry up, please?!