Don’t We All Miss Jim Carrey?

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Don’t We All Miss Jim Carrey?

Illustration: Arati Gujar


hances are, that it might have taken you a second to register that it was Jim Carrey doing a classic bit at the Golden Globes, where he appeared displeased about being asked to move from the cool movie section to the pedestrian TV section. I don’t blame you. There’s been little to Carrey in the past few years besides his social media rants about vaccines causing autism, and interviews where he sounds like a raving middle-aged hippie.  

Even when his latest series, Kidding, premiered last year, there was relatively little fanfare greeting his return to screen. Although the upside was that he garnered acclaim for his surreal performance as Mr Pickles/Jeff Piccirillo, a children’s TV host whose personal life is a lot more grim than his day job of teaching kids to be kind and responsible. Kidding even notched up nominations at the Golden Globes this year. Hopefully, it’s the silver lining of a rough period that included the tragic suicide of Carey’s ex-girlfriend and prompted the actor to keep a low profile.