Decoding One Indian Girl

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Decoding One Indian Girl

Illustration: Saachi Mehta/ Arré


hetan Bhagat recently announced his latest book, One Indian Girl, on social media. Starring an investment-banking, opinion-holding, sex-having female protagonist named Radhika, the book claims to be a revelation that will help guys understand, at last, the mysterious ways of the surprisingly inaccessible creatures known as Their Own Fucking Girlfriends.

Now, the shitpile of gender stereotypes is already higher than Antilia and stinkier than Dharavi, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr Bhagat’s well-intentioned book will only add to its height and fragrance. Therefore, I’m going to beat him to the punchline and help you understand millions like Radhika with my quick, fun, and in-depth guide on women – Just Human Beings With Vaginas.