My Day Chasing Pokemon in Mumbai

Pop Culture

My Day Chasing Pokemon in Mumbai

Illustration: Saachi Mehta/ Arré


hree boys were huddled together outside a garden wall, waving their cellphones in the air. The one wearing glasses stretched his arm over the moss-ridden barricade to gain better reach. I didn’t need to hear their mumbling to know what they were looking for. My screen too indicated that there were numerous wild Pokémon scattered in the park. Since the spiked iron gates were shut, the likes of us had to resort to walking around the boundary wall, hoping to bump into a Jigglypuff or two.

I spied on them from behind an empty autorickshaw, as the trio gave up, got into a car, and made their way towards a PokéStop five minutes away. As they drove past, I hopped out from behind my spot and pulled myself up onto the relatively low wall. They weren’t willing to take such steps but I desperately wanted to catch the Horsea which seemed to be lurking inside.