Arré Checklist: Who is the World’s Most Powerful Baby?

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Arré Checklist: Who is the World’s Most Powerful Baby?

Illustration: Akshita Monga

If you were wondering whether 2018 was gonna be lit AF, doubt no further because thanks to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, we now have conclusive proof. The power-couple have welcomed their third child aka the latest entry in their duty of “breaking the internet”. Kim announced the happy news on her website, revealing that the newest addition to their family was a baby girl, making her Kanye and Kim’s second daughter, after the poetically named North West.

If there’s anything that life has taught us, it’s the fact that the more Kardashians the merrier. With Kimmy’s sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner pregnant as well, this seems to be the year when the world’s longest-running sham should be renamed There’s No Escaping the Kardashians.

Except… times have changed and the Kardashian babies have a lot of competition. From Beyoncé and Shah Rukh Khan’s genes, no less, that’s stalling their path toward becoming the most powerful babies in the world.

Here’s who mini-Kardashian should look out for:

Katherine Kaling

All of one month old, Katherine Kaling is gonna grow up to be an intellectual goldmine. She’s got Mindy Kaling, one of the funniest and most badass women on TV for mom, and her mom’s bff aka #MCM BJ Novak as mentor. Her squad also includes Jimmy Fallon, who is already pampering her with adorable gifts and none other than Oprah Winfrey herself, who announced her arrival. It won’t be long before Katherine grows up to be a funny woman herself, creating TV shows that we’ll end up bingeing and crafting hilarious tweets that’ll have us nod in agreement. But the question is, in the age of reality shows, will she be able to sustain her brand of comedy?

Taimur Ali Khan

One-year-old Taimur Ali Khan is the closest India has to a royal baby. The young ’un’s genes are derived from Rabindranath Tagore, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, and Raj Kapoor. As his dad would put it, Taimur’s eugenics are all in place, and that should be a big setback for mini-Kardashian. There’s also the fact that Taimur already has a one-year social media experience high up on his CV after metamorphosing into a trending hashtag the day he was born. If his adorable videos and loyal fandoms are any evidence, Taimur might just be the #babyinfluencer we need.

Beyoncé twins

When Queen Bey has a kid, you have to sit up and pay attention. When she delivers twins, you just bow down to them and vote them as your future presidents. Barely seven months old, Rumi and Sir have the maddest musical genes ever, with an affinity for articulating their thoughts into “visual albums” and making announcements via “photoshoots”. The Bey twins won’t have to learn how to win the internet, because they don’t need to. The internet will come to them.

AbRam Khan

Once the apple of our eyes, four-year-old AbRam Khan is now as forgotten as Jab Harry Met Sejal. From making IPL appearances, waving at the cameras to appearing in movie end credits, our wonder boy has done it all, and we’ve unanimously lapped it up. His domination in the Indian kiddie world however took a backseat the minute Taimur announced his arrival. Mini-K can rest easy when it comes to competition from this Khan.

North West

One of Mini-K’s biggest rivals might just end up being her elder sister, North. At the tender age of four, she’s already gotten her A-game going when it comes to pouting and picking up Halloween outfits with her #squad that includes Khloe, Kim, Kylie, and Kendall. She already knows how to werk it! Time will tell whether history will repeat itself and she’ll end up being the Kendall to Mini-K’s Kylie. Or will Mini-K do a Kim on her?

The Royal Babies

Prince George and Prince Charlotte are all set to be joined by their sibling, and this trio of royalty might just be a force to reckon with. For one, they’re legit prince and princesses of England; have a Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning TV show to their family’s credit, and get to throw tantrums even in front of powerful world leaders. They also know how to work the camera as good as a Kardashian, and have a wardrobe that’s picture perfect.

So, who’s going to lose?