Dear Bollywood, Why Are You So Star-Struck?

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Dear Bollywood, Why Are You So Star-Struck?

Illustration: Palak Bansal


ast week, before Ed Sheeran had the opportunity to enthrall the Mumbai audience with his chart-topping songs at his second concert in India, Bollywood director, choreographer, and reality show enthusiast, Farah Khan brought Indians face to face with a refreshingly new feeling: second-hand embarrassment.

Two days before the November 19 concert, Farah Khan threw a totally unnecessary but a rather lavish party in Lokhandwala, forcing Sheeran to mingle with the choicest B-listers Bollywood could afford. As is evident from the photos (that are still tumbling out of various Instagram accounts), the party was merely a cover-up for what was to be a giant clusterfuck of a photo-op. Poor Ed Sheeran must have had to smile more than newly-weds are mandated to on their receptions.