BoJack Horseman Does What The Simpsons Can’t

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BoJack Horseman Does What The Simpsons Can’t

Illustration: Cleon DSouza


oward the climax of season 3 of BoJack Horseman, the titular half-man, half-horse film actor wakes up on the morning the Oscar nominations are about to be declared. After a personal redemption arc that saw him bag a dream role in an award-bait biopic, he was on the cusp of attaining the validation he’s been seeking since he began his career as a struggler. The nominations come around. His name isn’t the first. Or the second, or third, or fourth. And then, sneaking into the last slot, BoJack’s name is announced. He’s finally made it! His publicist, watching with him, asks him how he feels. He jumps off the couch, the music swells, the viewers gear up for a cathartic moment and wait for the moment of triumph before BoJack deflates all that.

His answer? “I feel… the same.”