Big Little Lies and the Violence in Women’s Lives

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Big Little Lies and the Violence in Women’s Lives

Illustration: Riya Rathod


came in late to Big Little Lies, the latest HBO miniseries that has the women of the world letting out a collective sigh over the finale. Big Little Lies is going around the world like a chain secret, passed from woman to woman in the way once Eat, Pray, Love went around and became our talisman of secret things and feelings that only the sisterhood could understand.

Big Little Lies is also the story of a sisterhood (a severely adulted version of it) which could explain why I took my time to come to it. I do believe we’ve outgrown the idea of a sisterhood just like Elizabeth Gilbert has outgrown heterosexuality. It seems a little like a kindergarten construct, that puts girls together in one giggly clique and the boys in another before life happens and we grow up and realise gender boundaries are stupid. In our new brave, new, gender-equal world, girls don’t gang up against boys and boys don’t pull their pigtails.