What’s Up With India’s Bhabhi Fixation?

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What’s Up With India’s Bhabhi Fixation?

Illustration: Akshita Monga


ight across a deserted lane of a Kanpur suburb, live two married couples – the Tiwaris and the Mishras. Manoj and Angoori Tiwari are a simple twosome, a husband who doesn’t tuck his shirt in and dabbles in pure Hindi with the finesse of an unpoetic poet, and a ghoonghat-wearing wife who, with her sindoor and bright sarees and Bhojpuri dialect, is quite the desi damsel.

Vibhuti and Anita Mishra, on the other hand, are perhaps the only gleam of sophistication around this decidedly deglam neighbourhood. Anita runs her own grooming classes and is a picture of elegance, what with her soft enunciation and tasteful Indian attire. Her jobless husband Vibhuti spends his days either doing household chores or flaunting the academic degree and faux English accent that he picked up during his student years at Kanpur’s famous Chhapra University.