This is Your Brain on Dudebro

Pop Culture

This is Your Brain on Dudebro

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


his past weekend a few of you might have watched a 120-minute long film while munching popcorn without wholly understanding the cultural milestone you were witnessing. Baywatch, the $70 million extravaganza starring breasts, bikinis and beefy bodies is only masquerading as a film, but is in fact a timely documentary – one whose contents should be looked at with utmost scrutiny.

Beneath the testosterone-porn that the film disguises itself as, Baywatch is actually a window to the future of a world dictated entirely by dudebros, with superpowers that let them get away with anything. The film also issues a clear warning of a terrifying reality: There is no power in the world greater than the power of two dudebros uniting.