Asanas for Auction

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Asanas for Auction

Illustration: Namaah/ Arré


ver the past year, yoga has become one of our country’s coolest exports. It’s been accepted by the hip kids over at Madison Square Garden and infiltrated more conservative Muslim countries like Qatar. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently joked in his speech to the US Congress that more people bend over for yoga than to throw a curve ball. And well, can’t blame our prime minister for using something so popular, and so Indian, to improve the image of India abroad.

World Yoga Day was a big success in India too with a host of think-pieces, trending hashtags, yoga drives, and other astounding decibles of noise. Corporates have breathed in the benefits of yoga, and are using it to sell products with “spiritual” themes. Take for instance the Times of India-sponsored “Yoga by the Bay” on Marine Drive in Mumbai. Some company decided it would be a good idea to vend its free pisswater to all the people offering Surya Namaskars. The result was a thousand cans of some “relaxation drink” called Tran Quini discarded all over the promenade. Very yogic, all this littering.