Hey Potheads, Leave the Food Alone

Pop Culture

Hey Potheads, Leave the Food Alone

Illustration: Namaah


may personally choose to refrain, but I have nothing against pot smokers, really. They’re fun to be around – their eyes are forever bloodshot; their mouth never ever closes fully; they giggle incessantly at inane garbage on television. On a whim, they’ll get into half-assed hypotheses about the mental revolution and higher consciousness in between snotty cackles and staring at their fingers. They get so excited right after they “score” their “stash”. It tickles me. It’s like the two-beer buzz taken to its optimum capacity, which makes me a little envious as well.

Sure, pot makes you a bum and your IQ can potentially plummet by 60 to 80 points if you smoke certain strains of weed, as studies have shown (right?), but let’s not generalise here. You have the dumbass stoner pothead imbeciles who have trouble reading the alphabet without the assistance of a translator and a spliff. (Or a fatty? Or a J? Or a doob? Doja? Jojo? Keef? Reefer? Pakaloco? I lose track sometimes.) But then you also have the high-functioning cerebral mental mathematician whose smarts can get, well, overwhelming and intimidating. The super-genius, substance-abuser variety. You get all kinds everywhere.