And the 2016 Awwwards Go To…

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And the 2016 Awwwards Go To…


he last day of the year should be reserved for some introspection. Yes, it was the real-time illustration of the phrase “up shit creek without a paddle”, but there were some saving graces. For starters, a tiny tot from Afghanistan, with no real hope of ever meeting his idol Lionel Messi, got to kick a football with him. Another wee one dressed up as a hot dog to a princess party, sticking it to the patriarchy and junior school in one gesture. And we have the internet to thank for these little mitigations. It’s time to cut 2016 some slack. Calm down, take a deep breath, light a few scented candles, and look back at what made this year a teensy bit better.

The Messi Miracle
In an emotionally exhausting 2016, one of the most cheerful moments of the year came from Afghanistan. This January, a little boy wearing a blue-and-white striped plastic bag with “Messi 10” scrawled in ink on it, settled the debate on who was Lionel Messi’s most passionate fan. The boy, who became an internet sensation after being photographed, was tracked down to rural Afghanistan. Images of the smiling five-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi wearing the makeshift jersey and dancing, were enough to melt a million hearts. They gave the cynical peeps on social media a chance to take their minds off the usual mudslinging.