Why Kamala Harris’ White Suit and Her Walkout Song “Work That” Matter


Why Kamala Harris’ White Suit and Her Walkout Song “Work That” Matter

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

At this point in time, the only people who are not aware that Joe Biden is the next President of the United States, and that Kamala Harris is his Vice-President, are Donald Trump and his supporters. Trump, the current (and soon-to-be former) President has been crying himself hoarse saying that he was cheated out of his position due to election fraud. But since Trump’s claims are accompanied by no evidence, it’s easy to chalk them up to his history of ill-informed outbursts. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is celebrating its candidates’ victories in style. While citizens are partying in the streets, the winners themselves turned the atmosphere jubilant at their victory speeches with their musical and sartorial choices.

At an event commemorating the Biden-Harris campaign’s victory, future VP Kamala Harris stole the show. Ditching her usual business-like preference for darker colours like navy blue and black, Harris showed up in a brilliant white pantsuit. The entire ensemble was an homage to the suffragette movement, which had adopted white as one of its colours – a deft touch given Harris’ history-making status as the first woman as well as first person of African and Asian heritage to occupy the post of VP.

Harris didn’t send a message only through her wardrobe choices however. She also chose to drive home the point with her choice of music that accompanied her to the stage. Harris chose ’90s R&B superstar Mary J Blige’s hit “Work That” to hit the stage. With lyrics like “There’s so many-a girls / I hear you been running / From the beautiful queen / That you could be becoming” and “Feelin’ great because the light’s on me / Celebrating the things that everyone told me / Would never happen but God has put his hands on me / And ain’t a man alive could ever take it from me”, the song is very on-brand for Harris.

Also, “Work That” might be Kamala Harris’ unofficial theme song, as it’s the same one she chose when she was confirmed as the Democratic Party’s VP candidate as well as the one added to clips of her viral dance in the rain during the campaign.

If the rest of her tenure goes as well as her victory speech, Kamala Harris should have a term to remember.