Tamil Nadu’s Game of Thrones


Tamil Nadu’s Game of Thrones

Illustration: Juergen D


f you travel far enough into the wilderness, a magical land called Tamil Nadu will open its gates for you. It is a mystical land filled with energy misspent over Rajinikanth and diluting Old Monk to Old Cask. In the main kingdom of this land, called Chennaisteros, begins our story.

In the December of 2016, shortly after the death of the High Seat of House AIADMK, Queen Ammanister, rose Panneerneverwin Paanister to fight the Battle of Vardhawater. Channelling his inner Khal Drogo, Paanister stood in front of the cyclone, looked it in the eyes, and screamed like a dutiful son, “The Light of Amma shelters us all!” He repeated this until the night was no longer dark and full of terrors. The cyclone cowered as Paanister’s commandment illuminated every last dark spot in the deep reaches of the realm. Panneerneverwin Paanister stood in the wreckage, smiling as he had finally realised his own power, laying waste to his lifelong Oedipal complex along the way.