Operation Buzzword


Operation Buzzword


n this last one month, two different metal bands separated by the Atlantic, must be bemused at the recent spike in hits on their social media pages. The first is a “space metal” band based in New York and the other a thrash metal band in Germany, and they are both named Surgical Strike. Maybe a curious bunch of south Asian online visitors to their pages, managed to stay on long enough to stream an old track or two and turn converts.

Rail all you will against the Indian government, but you’ve got to credit them with expanding our population’s vocabulary by two words. Prior to this, few people outside of defence and strategic affairs circles would have been aware of the phrase, “surgical strike”. Now you can hold a comfortable conversation with your autowallah on the subject, without resorting to hot-button topics like Salman Khan, and how shameless Indian girls and their boyfriends riding in autos are.