Ministry of Sex Scandals


Ministry of Sex Scandals

Illustration: Akshita Monga


t has been an extraordinarily stimulating week for cable television. All of last week, channels in Karnataka aired snippets of a blurred-out figure thrusting away at awkward angles interspersed with shots of a government guesthouse’s ceiling and shelving. Prime-time viewing across TV-owning households in the state made up of footage of Excise Minister H.Y. Meti having sex with a younger woman.

Meti’s on-screen shenanigans had a strange effect on the beleaguered state. It has suffused Karnataka with a sense of relaxation. Nothing is more relaxing than a consensual sex scandal. At least we hope it was consensual. Some reports say that the woman in the video is a government employee who approached Meti looking to transfer her job to another area. After a series of statements and retractions, she has cut out the media and checked herself into the hospital with a stomach ache. In all of this, Karnataka has had the chance to take its mind off of things.