Is Rahul Gandhi’s Renaissance Finally Upon Us?


Is Rahul Gandhi’s Renaissance Finally Upon Us?

Illustration: Akshita Monga/Arré


he moment the Congress has waited for, the moment the BJP has waited for, and the moment every stand-up comedian in the country has been waiting for, is upon us. The young and dynamic Rahul Gandhi, at 47, has been promoted to the post of Congress president. Since the news broke, there has been celebration inside the Rahul camp as well as every BJP office in the country. Predictably, Rahul Gandhi did not face any internal competition for the post or even the slightest bit of opposition, which is probably the only way he can win anything.

This is a fascinating time, because this is probably the only time we get a small insight into the inner machinations of the Congress, one of the largest parties in the largest democracy of the world with the internal functioning of North Korea. “The family” has a long tradition of calling all the shots and crushing aside dissenting voices.