Is Kamal Haasan the Superstar Leader Tamil Nadu Needs?


Is Kamal Haasan the Superstar Leader Tamil Nadu Needs?

Illustration: Sushant Ahire / Arré


t’s a strange state of affairs when Kamal Haasan makes news for his political statements rather than his film dialogues. But ever since the mysterious hospitalisation and subsequent death of the person who dominated Tamil Nadu politics for the last two decades, Jayalalithaa, I get the feeling that anything could happen in the state of TN.

Now, the state is set for the entry of yet another actor into its political sphere. Haasan’s decision to make the switch at the same time as fellow superstar Rajnikanth sets the stage for a showdown bigger than Batman vs Superman. Haasan has been doing his homework, and has invited many political leaders to his party’s launch in Madurai tomorrow. The Tamil Big Boss host’s aim to enter the political arena comes at a time of great uncertainty. No one seems to know what is going on, including the main players on the southern state’s political stage. But maybe it is a natural move for the man who famously said in Nayagan, “Naalu perukku nallathu seiyanumnaa, enna venumnaalum seiyyalam (When you’ve decided to help a few people, any form of help is possible).”