The Childish Burns of the Indian Politician


The Childish Burns of the Indian Politician

Illustration: Ahmed Sikander


houts of “Chor! Chor!” echoed across the playground as the two rival groups hurled insults at each other. Actually, the playground is the Indian political arena, and the latest ruckus has broken out after Rahul Gandhi’s comments on the Rafale scam led to #MeraPMChorHai trending on Twitter. Since defence ministers must also defend their party’s reputation, Nirmala Sitharaman jumped in with a trending hashtag of her own: #RahulKaPooraKhandanChor, in the process writing another chapter in the saga of playground insults being the lingua franca of Indian politicians.

The entire affair is reminiscent of the last time the class teacher of this rowdy bunch, the Election Commission, had to step in to pull the combatants apart. Last November, the BJP wanted to use their favourite nickname for Rahul Gandhi for a character in one of their campaign ads in an overheated Gujarat gearing up for state elections.