Hardik Patel: Love, Sex aur Dhokla


Hardik Patel: Love, Sex aur Dhokla

Illustration: Shruti Yatam/Arré


ast night, there was such a major revelation on the news, that it made us actually switch off Bigg Boss for once. Everyone’s concerned mother came together to release a videotape that busted 24-year-old Hardik Patel alone in a room with a woman. Sources reported that this was not a scene out of a Bollywood movie, but instead involved actual human sex. Moreover, according to most reports, it was consensual.

This is shocking for a couple of reasons: One, it reminds us that the same politicians who take important decisions about Kashmir and linking our neural networks to Aadhar numbers, actually get intimate with members of the opposite sex. Two, someone is having sex while the rest of us are fucking around on Twitter, and that’s just not cool, man. Please note that an upcoming, messy election in Gujarat has nothing to do with this.