Will Justice Loya Hold the Keys to Gujarat?


Will Justice Loya Hold the Keys to Gujarat?

Illustration: Palak Bansal/Arré


he Gujarat state elections are around the corner, and the action is getting hot. The BJP’s 22-year-long rule is facing a rising tide of anti-incumbency, and the skeletons are tumbling out of the closet. The ruling party is turning to sex tapes, temple visits, and dodgy statistics to gain traction, while trying to sidestep the issues that might sink their chances at the polling booths. The BJP’s elephant in the room, which could scupper their chances worse than any Arvind Kejriwal quote, is the curious case surrounding the death of CBI Justice Brijmohan Harikishan Loya.

If your reaction to that is “Loya who?” don’t blame yourself for being uninformed, because the newspapers haven’t exactly been fighting over the scoop. Loya is the judge who was chairing a case in which Amit Shah and several others were arrested with regards to allegations of the fake encounter of Sohrabuddin.