Give Peace and Kirron Kher a Chance


Give Peace and Kirron Kher a Chance

Illustration: Palak Bansal


f we had a column for every time a neta said something stupid, we’d have… well, lots of columns… but does Kirron Kher need to be clubbed with the bunch that says chowmein leads to rape?

In the wake of the outrage surrounding the Chandigarh gangrape case, local BJP MP Kirron Kher’s comments turned her into the internet’s punching bag for the day. At a press conference, Kher said that the victim should have been suspicious of an auto in which three strange men were already seated, and that in general, girls should avoid boarding an auto in these circumstances. Really, Ms Kher, this is what happens when you love the microphone so much — you turn into Mamata Banerjee.