The Great American Blind Spot


The Great American Blind Spot

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza/ Arré


t’s now curtains for the greatest show on earth. The US elections are done and dusted, with a “stunning upset” and a “shocking victory” for Donald Trump. In reality, the people most stunned and shocked are the ones sitting in media offices across America. The biggest losers in the US election, are mainstream liberal voices like the New York Times, CNN, and the New Yorker.

I am no supporter – or even an apologist for – Donald Trump, but isn’t it the media’s job to hold a mirror to society and report the “truth” from the ground? Despite several interviews with Trump’s admirers, the CNN refused to believe that he was even running for president of the country. Analysts from the channel at no point bothered to appear neutral – one even called him a turd that couldn’t be polished. Predictably, as the election results started pouring in and the country’s map turned redder by the minute, CNN anchors looked like they had been roofied. The BBC’s ticker, meanwhile, continued to show Hillary in the lead long after Trump rallied ahead.