May India Ride the Trump Wave


May India Ride the Trump Wave

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza/ Arré


have been pondering the use of the word “upset” while reading the news these days. Be it elections or sports, the term seems to gather currency every time things don’t go according to what the general perception is built up to be. It’s a word I have heard/read frequently since morning, following the results of the US presidential election on major American news channels today. Nearly everyone has labelled Donald Trump’s victory a “stunning upset”.

But, I believe, upset is a rather strong term to use. Like in sports, you never know the result before it happens. Similarly, all the exit polls don’t tell you which way the real vote will swing. And in a democracy, elections mean a vote by the people for a government of the people. So, Trump did win. It is not an upset, unless we are talking about the predictions of liberal media outlets (and the feelings of several anchors on those channels). It just reflects the popular will.