Good Cop, Bad Cop: What’s Unfolding in the CBI Right Now


Good Cop, Bad Cop: What’s Unfolding in the CBI Right Now

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


BI raids CBI” reads like a typo, the kind of headline that slips past a tired, sleepless copy-editor at the end of their shift. But as yesterday proved, not only is the country’s top investigative agency, the Central Bureau of Investigation, actually performing raids in its own offices, there is a gaping rift between factions at the very top of the CBI’s hierarchy. The idea of the CBI raiding itself might sound farcical, but in order to understand what prompted the agency to score an own goal, we need to meet the cast of characters behind all the drama.

We start with CBI chief Alok Verma, a former Delhi police commissioner who took up his current post in February last year. This Sunday, Verma was living the dream of countless Twitter trolls as he met with PM Modi in person. Modi had issued the summons in order to mediate in the ongoing struggle between Verma and his second-in-command at the CBI, Rakesh Asthana. Verma met with the PM alone, where he recommended the removal of Asthana from the post of Special Director, a request he reportedly later reiterated in writing.