Between Didigiri and the Deep Blue Sea


Between Didigiri and the Deep Blue Sea

Illustration: Namaah/ Arré


runangshu, fondly called Aaru by his friends, reaches the local tea stall of his hometown to catch up with his friends at their old adda. Aaru, home from the UK, where he’s been working for the last five years, is in Kolkata to enjoy his vacation, and also to cast his vote. Although he has kept himself abreast of the happenings in his home city in between teaching at a college in Reading, he is looking forward to discussing all the changing political dynamics in West Bengal with his old friends.

Shishir and Sunil join him soon. A few excited greetings later, they settle on creaky benches and Aaru asks good old Nibaronda to serve them tea in clay cups, along with rustic biscuits, like old times. As they wait for the tea, Aaru begins, “Tell me now you two, how is Didi faring?”