This Year in Politics


This Year in Politics

Illustration: Shivali Devalkar


016 will go down as the year that politics left our drawing rooms and dinner tables and invaded our relationships, our friendships and WhatsApp groups. It was a year of polarisation where each new event divided the world further and laid ground for events that would have far-reaching consequences. It was the year of politics, pregnant with possibility. Only the future shall decide if it will deliver.

The Strikes that Made Us Hungry for War
In a year that saw several incidents of cross-border fire between India and Pakistan, one stood out. It was the day the government announced that it had conducted a “surgical strike” on terror launchpads in Pakistan. The result of this decision was a surprising escalation to talks of war. As social media exploded with congratulations and contemplations over how long it would take for nuclear weapons to travel between Islamabad and New Delhi, words like “punish” and “retaliation” were thrown about in abundance, and poor Fawad Khan was sent back home.