Give Way, There’s a Heart on Board


Give Way, There’s a Heart on Board


ix hours. That’s how long a human heart can last outside the body. For a transplant, these are the golden minutes. Medical professionals train like ultra-marathoners to cope with that kind of pressure. But before they can even hope to begin, it comes down to what K Anthony and his band of brothers can do because they have a driving license. Who would have thought a scrap of paper from the RTO would validate a life? For over 20 years, K Anthony has driven round Chennai at crazy speeds carrying beating hearts in sealed containers in the back of ambulances. Over a dozen tickers, in fact.

No matter where he starts, his destination is the Frontier Lifeline Hospital at Mogappair, in northwest Chennai, one of the few hospitals in India specialising in heart transplants. Often, Anthony hits 140 kmph on Chennai’s dense roads.