What a Hero! Woman Fled Home After Being Pressured to Get Married, Returns as Civil Servant


What a Hero! Woman Fled Home After Being Pressured to Get Married, Returns as Civil Servant

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

It isn’t unheard of in our society for women to have to quit their education or jobs in favour of marriage and all the responsibilities that come with it. More often than not, in order to pursue their dreams, women have to face a number of hurdles set up by society.

In 2013, shortly after her mother’s death, a 28-year-old Sanju Rani Verma started facing some of this pressure from her family, who wanted her to drop out of college and get married. Verma, meanwhile, who was studying for a postgraduate degree at Delhi University, wanted to become a civil servant. Settling down wasn’t a choice for her.

The constant nagging from her family, however, only went on to result in heated arguments. It was at that point, that Verma finally decided to not settle for anything less, and left her home and all the pressure that came with it. It took her seven long years, but now she has proudly returned to her family, this time as a Provincial Civil Service (PCS) Officer.

The decision to pursue her dreams didn’t come without some hardship. That year, Verma didn’t just have to leave her family and home behind, but due to a lack of finances, also had to quit her studies at DU. This situation didn’t deter her though. “I took a room on rent and started teaching children. I also got part-time teaching jobs at private schools. Somehow I continued my studies for civil services exams,” she told the Times of India.

Verma recently cleared the UPSC-2018 exam, results of which were declared last week. She will soon join the workforce as a commercial tax officer, but her story has already won her many fans and well-wishers.

While her family was upset with her for taking the call to live by herself, Verma said she believes that they will be happy to see the respect she has earned as an officer.

As praise poured in for Verma’s perseverance and dedication, the PCS officer also said she didn’t understand society’s pressing obsession with getting their daughters to quit their studies and get married instead.

Even though her family didn’t stand by her choices, Verma has now said that she is willing to lend them any financial support they may need, as she wants to be there for them in ways they couldn’t be there for her years ago.

So what’s in store for her next? To only aim higher! PCS Officer Verma now wants to become a district magistrate and is preparing for the same. A true leader indeed.