UNDP Honour for Sonu Sood. Should We Name Him the Person of the Year Already?


UNDP Honour for Sonu Sood. Should We Name Him the Person of the Year Already?

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

2020 is the year where everything seems to be going wrong. In India, first came the pandemic, then the lockdown, followed by the migrant crisis that left millions of poor Indians in distress. And if there is one person in the country who has single-handedly tried to save the year, it has to be Sonu Sood. Even the United Nations Development Programme agrees.

At a virtual ceremony held on Monday evening, Sonu Sood was conferred with the prestigious SDG Special Humanitarian Action Award for his philanthropic work amid the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

In a grim, dark, and awful year that has seen the Indian media tussle with Bollywood and an endless “drug scandal” unfold, Sonu Sood has been the entertainment industry’s saving grace. The lockdown – dubbed the harshed in the world – saw Sood turn into a Covid-19 warrior helping stranded migrants to get back home. And he did not stop at that. The actor has been helping underprivileged students get access to online education by arranging smartphones for them, launched scholarships for them, and even offered aid to health workers.

The UNDP awarded Sood for extending a selfless helping hand to all those in need during the global crisis. “This is a rare honour,” the actor expressed his happiness and disbelief. “UN recognition is very special. I have done whatever little I have done, in my own humble way, for my fellow countrymen without any expectations. However, to be recognised and awarded feels good,” he said.

Wishes poured in for Sood from friends and fans alike.

Truly a pride and inspiration for many, Sonu Sood is indeed a superstar.

The UNDP award puts in the same league as Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham, Priyanka Chopra who have been lauded for their humanitarian work by different UN bodies.

While Sonu Sood might have received a multitude of awards for his acting, this recognition is a cut above the rest. For India, he is the person of the year, 2020.