Your Uber Will Be Striking Shortly


Your Uber Will Be Striking Shortly

Illustration: Akshita Monga


he city of Mumbai woke up to an unusual sight on Monday morning. Its normally congested streets were oddly empty, and motorists were driving to work with expressions both confused and happy. The reason for this modern miracle was a strike by drivers of Uber and Ola cabs, over demands for hike in fares and management from the two companies.

As commuters with the privilege to summon a driver at our fingertips, we consider it our birthright to complain. We are used to going off on frequent rants about how terrible app cab drivers are – how they’re always late, how they can never find the destination, how they can’t read maps, or how rude they can be. But today’s strike is a reminder of the humanity of the people behind the wheel. Your Uber drivers are people too, and just like you, they’ve had it with the app.