The Wedding Detective


The Wedding Detective

Illustration: Akshita Monga


eha* had spent the past month dreaming of the Jersey shore. She had grown up in Mumbai by the sea, but the distant American shore was all she could think about. In a few months, she would be there, with her husband by her side. Neha was engaged, her family had found her match on a matrimonial website and after a few quick meetings, the wedding was “fixed”.

In the Indian matrimonial pecking order, NRIs have been the cream of the crop ever since the first man left for Canada from Punjab, more than a century ago. But in recent years, with a spate of reports about abandoned brides and swindled dowries, the bubble has burst. So, as a final check on their list, somewhere between Facebook stalking and sending out invites, Neha’s family decided to hire a private detective to do a background check on the American groom.