The Old Man at Delhi’s Baba Ka Dhaba is Not Crying Anymore. Thank You, Internet


The Old Man at Delhi’s Baba Ka Dhaba is Not Crying Anymore. Thank You, Internet

Illustration: Shruti Yatam

The pandemic has been cruel on small businesses. The impact it has had on the lives of people was heartbreakingly visible in a video shared on social media where an old man, the owner of a roadside dhaba in Delhi, is seen weeping because he is unable to draw customers.

The person shooting the video tries to pacify the man, now identified as Kanta Prasad.

“Roiye mat, koi tension nahi hai, upar wala aapke saath hai,” he says, appreciating the mutter-paneer and giving directions to “Baba Ka Dhaba”, urging people to come and have a meal at this roadside eatery in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar.

The video truly moved India.

Celebrities with huge Twitter following like Ravichandran Ashwin and Sonam Kapoor wanted to help the old owner of “Baba Ka Dhaba”.

Bollywood personalities Randeep Hooda, Swara Bhasker, and Raveena Tandon urged people to visit.

Others found creative ways to draw attention to the humble dhaba.

Social media gets a lot of stick for promoting hatred and incessant trolling, but there stories like this that tell us the power of the medium. Now people are flocking “Baba Ka Dhaba”; Twitter is flooded with pictures and videos of customers queuing up outside the eatery.

And Kanta Prasad is all smiles. “It feels like the whole India is with us,” he said in an interview to ANI. “… it feels like we’ve many extended families,” his wife added.

He also has a poignant message to give, saying that there are many like him out there, hungry and with no place to live.

It’s really time to go vocal for local! And Baba Ka Dhaba is a good place to start.