The Nation Wants to Know! Did Republic TV Anchor Arnab Goswami Cry During Questioning By the Police?


The Nation Wants to Know! Did Republic TV Anchor Arnab Goswami Cry During Questioning By the Police?

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

Yesterday, on April 27, police personnel at Mumbai’s NM Joshi Marg Police Station spent 12 hours questioning Republic TV anchor Arnab Goswami. The questioning, as we know, was in relation to the multiple FIRs filed against him for instigating communal violence on his TV channel. Of course, the Arnab saga was the prime focus of broadcasting on Republic TV, with Goswami giving sound bytes to his own reporters, both before and after leaving the police station.

What happened during those 12 hours is a matter of speculation, and boy, did the internet go wild speculating. One of the most ludicrous theories to emerge during the questioning was the unconfirmed story that Goswami cried while in the police station.

Of course, this was a joke on Republic TV’s “broadcast first, confirm later” style of reporting. Once the internet got wind of this possibility, it became the Promised Land for amateur meme-makers and would-be comics. The Nation Wants to Know, did Arnab actually cry during his time with the police?! Regardless of what the truth is, Goswami’s brand of journalism – a boorish, fact-agnostic, toxic brand – has earned him many detractors who grabbed the opportunity to poke fun at him with both hands.

Who knew the only way to make Goswami convey an expression of remorse was to use a photo-editing software?

Another user turned to Bollywood for inspiration to imagine how Goswami’s questioning might have unfolded within the police station.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the internet if there wasn’t somebody finding an apt meme to describe the situation – the situation in this case being Goswami’s apparent bravado before entering the police station.

While it’s highly unlikely that any sort of physical violence was inflicted on Goswami during his time with the police, that didn’t stop some from letting their imaginations run wild.

The coup de grace, however, had to be an edited photo which inserted Goswami’s bete noir, the comedian Kunal Kamra into the image.

In different times, somebody might have pointed out how it was absurd that an unverified piece of news could so quickly go viral. But we now live in the age of Republic TV and WhatsApp University, so these sort of occurrences are no longer surprising in the least.