The Movie That Never Got Made


The Movie That Never Got Made

Illustration: Namaah


eggy starlets cluster at a bar. A close-knit circle of old-timers occupy the centre of a room, as if chatting up a conspiracy. On the dance floor is the not-so-glamourous gang, probably the writers and the ADs. A desperate scriptwriter crashes the glitzy success party at a five-star and finds himself amid a sea of pretty faces. He runs into the famous filmmaker, whose office he’s been making the rounds of, for months now. The meeting point: the urinal. The big man is held captive by that little fountain. Voilà, the script is sold. The movie goes on to make millions.

This is a Bollywood story all right, but this isn’t Cyrus Khambata’s story. Like a million other writers with Bolly dreams in their eyes, this scriptwriter has been trying to get his pet project off the ground for years now. But unlike a million other writers, this scriptwriter already has a film – Yahaan Sab Ki Lagi Hai – under his belt.