All That We Can Be Thankful for in 2017


All That We Can Be Thankful for in 2017

Illustration: Sushant Ahire

In a year full of surprises, 2017 gave us many reasons to celebrate life and the spirit of humanity. As we head into 2018, let’s celebrate some achievements of India in the year gone by.

Celebrating Excellence

Indian Grand Master Viswanathan Anand, incredulously, won the World Rapid Chess Championship. Anand went undefeated through the tournament, while defeating reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen.

Celebrating Relationships

The Parliament passed a bill for six months of maternity leave, making India the country granting the third-highest maternity leave to its organised sector. The Punjab Government announced free education to girls from nursery to PhD, aiding in catapulting even more little girls to the stars.

Celebrating Innovation

Indian Space Research Organisation launched the PSLV-C37 in February, which carried 104 satellites to the orbit and set a world record. In June, ISRO launched multiple satellites, 29 of which were from 14 countries, enabling us to complete a double century of launching foreign satellites.

The high-tech growth wasn’t only seen in space but also in our homes. After years of “jugaad” and carrying heavy wads of cash, we finally moved to a more convenient and secure way of transacting in daily life, with a record number of digital transactions. Provisional digital transactions data released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) showed that October saw the highest-ever transaction volume at 965 million.

Celebrating Growth

According to the World Bank, India jumped 30 notches and into the top 100 rankings on the “ease of doing business” index. Improvements across the board, most notably in indicators such as resolving insolvency, paying taxes, protecting minority investors etc drove India to become one of the best nations to do business in.

Celebrating Trust

SBI Life Insurance has transformed lives of over 1,38,792 Indians in 2017 through various social-welfare initiatives undertaken by SBI Life. Indians have bestowed their faith in SBI Life Insurance once again by awarding it as the most trusted brand for the 6th year running. The SBI Life family now has over 1,10,000 members in over 810 offices across India, an asset management portfolio of over 100,000 crore and a stock market listing. They continue in their endeavour to protect and enrich lives of billions of Indians.


SBI Life wishes India a Happy New Year and celebrations all around.