“Strongest Girl in the World” is Only 7 and Can Lift 80 Kg. And You?


“Strongest Girl in the World” is Only 7 and Can Lift 80 Kg. And You?

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

If you always have an excuse ready to put off exercising, here’s some motivation. A seven-year-old schoolgirl from Canada can deadlift 80 kg, snatch 32 kg, clean and jerk 42 kg and squat 61 kg.

Meet Rory van Ulft, the strongest girl in the world.

Ulft’s pictures and videos have gone viral on social media, but there’s more than just social media virality at play here. The schoolgirl has been crowned the US weightlifting under-11 and under-13s Youth National Champion in the 30 kg category, making her the youngest US youth national champion in history.

According to the Daily Mail, the young weightlifter spends nine hours per week in gymnastics training and four hours weightlifting. She wears a fake tattoo on her arms during competitions because she thinks “it’s cool”. How adorable is that!

“Based on her current Sinclair total, Rory is not only the strongest seven-year-old in the world. She is likely also the strongest seven-year-old girl or boy who has ever lived, for whom there are verifiable competition results,” Ulft’s father Cavan told the Daily Mail.

The young sensation, however, prefers gymnastics to weightlifting. After winning her first gymnastics medal at a local competition, she said, “I prefer gymnastics to weightlifting because in gymnastics I don’t have to lift anything over my head.” Talk about child prodigy problems!

Little Rory started training for weightlifting after her fifth birthday and says that she “clears her mind and does it”. Currently, studying in third grade and attending school full time, her father, Cavan clarified that the hobby, although unusual but is safe for his daughter. “Her safety is everyone’s top priority. She progresses in her training for both sports carefully and methodically.”

Rory has become a social media favourite and has found many cheerleaders around the world.

Rory has simple but apt advice to give other girls aspiring to take up weightlifting. “Don’t ever think about the weight. Just think about your form,” she said. We can all get behind this little champ, who has proved that age is just a number.