Stop, Look, Hero! Hyderabad Traffic Cop Runs for Two Kilometres to Clear a Jam for an Ambulance


Stop, Look, Hero! Hyderabad Traffic Cop Runs for Two Kilometres to Clear a Jam for an Ambulance

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

How far can you go to do your duty when needed? In Hyderabad, traffic constable G Babji ran almost two kilometers to help an ambulance out of a traffic jam without a second thought.

On Monday evening, the ambulance going from Abids to Koti found itself right in the middle of heavy traffic during peak hours. On noticing its struggle, constable G Babji was quick on his feet and sprung to action. The incident only came to light on Wednesday when the Hyderabad Police posted a video on Twitter.

In the video, shot by someone inside the ambulance, the constable can be seen running ahead asking motorists to make way for the ambulance. Babji was so focused and determined on clearing the path for the ambulance, that the constable even ran beyond the jurisdiction of his police station.

“It was around 7 pm when the ambulance reached GPO junction. Noticing that it got stuck in traffic, I realised that I had to do something. As time was precious, I ran towards Andhra Bank and pleaded with the motorists to make some space for the ambulance,” constable Babji told TOI. Seeing the cop run above and beyond to help a patient unknown to him, even the motorists did not hesitate to comply with his request. Although caught in the rush, they clapped for Babji in appreciation and cheered him on. “Many motorists patted me and said ‘good job’. It gave me immense satisfaction,” he added.

But the motorists in Hyderabad aren’t the only ones charmed by Babji’s selfless act. His video, which has since gone viral, has won over the internet.

“Hyderabad Traffic Police officer Babji of Abids Traffic PS clearing the way for an ambulance, Well done! HTP in the service of citizens,” Anil Kumar, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), praised Babji in a tweet.

IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra too shared the video, praising the constable for his “sheer dedication & service”.

Several netizens seemed to be in agreement with the police officers, thanking constable Babji for going the extra mile.

The dedicated cop was also awarded by Hyderabad’s Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar for honouring his duty.

A hero we need.

While praises continued to pour in for the cop, many users also questioned why the public paid no heed to the loud ambulance sirens in the first place.

No sense, no sensibility.

This is Incredible India.