The Biker Buntais of Ramzan


The Biker Buntais of Ramzan


he origin of the term “buntai” is as unclear as its meaning. Over time, I’ve come to understand it as term of endearment used to address friends or people you aren’t hostile towards. So, if there is someone buntai-ing me in a rough neighbourhood, at least I know I won’t be toast.

Tonight, the guy at the other end of the buntai stick is Farid. He’s got his name on a decal on the side of his Yamaha FZS, only here it’s spelt as Far1d. The “I” is replaced by a “1” to emphasise on his need for speed. Farid is a friend of a friend and one of those hellboys you see zipping past you in a whir of black on the empty streets of Mumbai post midnight.