The Slow Descent of Ram Gopal Varma


The Slow Descent of Ram Gopal Varma

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


he year 2024 will be the year of comeuppance. Climate change deniers will be eating crow because a large chunk of Mumbai will go back to the sea it came from, Kanye West will be the leader of the free world, and the debate over whether or not AI is superior to humans will be settled. And somewhere, from the darkened recesses of what once was a place filled with joy and trophies, Ram Gopal Varma will court controversy right before the release of his upcoming movie Sarkar 8, by calling everyone on Twitter an idiot.

As the third part of the Sarkar series – ingeniously titled Sarkar 3 – draws close its release date of May 12, 2017, the director has been in our thoughts and timelines with the persistence of a heat boil. Not because it is a seminal moment for Indian cinema, but because Ram Gopal Varma has singlehandedly decided to show the marketing guys at “Why-Do-We-Still-Work-For-RGV” Pvt Ltd how to promote a film that did not pique audience interest beyond standard exasperation.